Wednesday, August 13, 2014

HIM Weekly Wednesday - Get Motivated for Fall Classes!

Sadly, the summer is almost over.  It always goes way too fast, doesn't it?  :-(   

With the start of the new season comes the start of a new term here at Charter Oak and and that means the beginning of some great new learning opportunities.  Now, I am going to sound like a mom here, but I have always said to my boys and now I will say this to all of get to CHOOSE how well you do in your classes and you get to CHOOSE your priorities!  So I challenge you to CHOOSE to make your classes a priority and CHOOSE to do your best work! Remember your goal of finishing your degree and imagine all of the opportunities it will bring you. 

Are you all scheduled for your fall courses?  If not, be sure to call Frank right away!  Have you ordered your books?

Be sure to make room on your calendar for homework.  I actually schedule it just like it is a class on campus.  My family knows that Tuesday and Thursday nights and Saturday mornings are my homework hours.  Yes, I am in school too!  I don't always stick to the schedule perfectly but most of the time I do and it really helps me keep on track.

Before you know it, it will be time to register for winter!  Winter registration opens on October 1st - it is never too soon to start planning for that.

Classes begin on August 25 - get ready for a great term! 

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