Wednesday, December 11, 2013

HIM Weekly Wednesday - Course Scheduling Guide

Hello! I hope this finds you all merry with holiday preparations and the anticipation of a break from school soon! I hope that the break will rejuvenate you and bring you back in mid-January with new energy and a fresh outlook.
This week I am linking to a document that we hope will assist you with scheduling your classes for each term. It can also help you with your long-term plan and goals for graduating.
Before you take a look at the document, please understand that this is only a GUIDE. It is not written in stone, and it will likely go through some updates as we work with it and find what is good about it and what might need some tweaking. Having a “written in stone” document for sequencing your courses is impossible because our students can start in any term and each and every one of you come to COSC with differing educational backgrounds which means all different course transfer scenarios. In fact, few of you will likely be able to follow the suggested course scheduling exactly as written. But we decided that this would be a good start, and it may help you to feel more confident and organized when you are choosing your courses.
Frank Valier and I will help you to navigate this document if you have questions or concerns. When you are having an advising meeting with Frank, the two of you could use the document to map out your own personal schedule. I am happy to help as well! Please do not hesitate to email me or Frank with any questions you may have.
Happy Wednesday!
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