Thursday, January 15, 2015

Graduation is the Ultimate Goal!

The deadline for registration for Term I has passed, but you can still register for Term II.  Please do!  I would love to see you in my HIM 215 course if you have not taken that yet!!

I have been teaching in HIM programs since 1995, and while the HIM profession has gone through many exciting changes, I have found that students haven't changed much over time.  They all come to the program excited for a new career, excited to increase their income potential, and looking forward to meeting their ultimate goal of graduation.   But I have also witnessed many difficulties that students face and many things that get in the way of that graduation goal.  Some students give up, some press on no matter what.  I hope to motivate you to PRESS ON no matter what!  

Money isn't everything, but we all need it to live and to have a little fun.  Did you know that in the course of a life time, a high school graduate earns around $1,000,000, but in the course of a life time, a bachelors degree graduate earns double that?  Yes, someone with a bachelors degree can expect to earn about $2,000,000 over their life time.  Think that sounds amazing?  A person with a masters degree can expect to earn $3,000,000!  I think that is some awesome fuel for motivation to press on even when the going gets tough.  If you have to sit out for a term because things are just too crazy, make sure you return to your studies the very next term.  You can graduate!  YOU CAN!  I know you can, because I have witnessed hundreds of students, just like you, press on through the tough times and then shine as they walked across the stage in that cap and gown.

For some more employment and salary information, read this article from the American Association of Professional Coders.  If you are not familiar with the AAPC, it is an organization that provides some coding credentials, similar (but much smaller than) AHIMA.  Regardless of the specific credential information in this article, the other information is very good and very enlightening!  

Happy Reading!
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